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What is Kaizoku?

Kaizoku Press is an independent label specialized in tabletop rolepaying games. We are based in Italy and Japan.


Kaizoku (海賊) means pirate in Japanese language; as pirates we try to move fast and in non conventional ways in the seas of tabletop gaming, trying to bring to as many people as possible innovative, exciting games and adventures. Among the products we have published/worked on there is Mutants & Masterminds, Rappan Athuk, Tome of Horrors, Kobolds Ate My Baby, Comrades, Dungeon Crawl Classics… and MORE.

Thanks to our attention to detail and success with the Italian Edition of Rappan Athuk, we started to work with Frog God Games, Necromancer Games and Why Not Games

Who’s in charge?
The founder’s name is Emanuele Granatello (don’t try to pronounce it, you will probably end-up evoking some dark thing from the Void); he lives in Japan and is a compulsive translator. Working with him there’s Giordano Manes, expert of paper, printing, indesign and other arcane things, and a crew of illustrators & translators (too many to be mentioned here).



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